Welcome to ELaw Dream studio!

This is a small development studio. I am interested in developing software and would like to share my experience.

Recently, I make another new game called "Monkey Up". It is available to download for free.

Monkey Up
Monkey Up is simple game. Tap left or right to control a monkey to climb a tree. Be careful blocks. Climb as fast as possible before time's up. It looks simple but challenge to be master.

Foraging Bird
Foraging Bird is a challenging game. The control is simple. You tap screen to make it fly up; otherwise, it falls down. The bird flies and loves to eat worm but watch out blocks. How far can you go and how high record can you get?!

Word Invader
Word Invader challenges your typing. You type as fast as you can before letter bomb explodes. Play game and learn words.

How Fast Your Typing
Do you know how fast your typing? Challenge and improve your typing speed.

How Fast Your Math
Do you know how fast your math? It has three modes: easy, hard, and crazy.

Go Frog
It is easy to control; tap for jump. Help the frog escape. To see how far you can go.

Typing Monster
To challenge your typing, you type as fast as you can before letter bomb explodes...

Amazing Ball 2
Amazing Ball 2 is a challenging physics-based puzzle game. Simply pull, aim and shoot the ball at the other balls. If two balls hit together and they are same color, they blow up; otherwise they stick together. To be successful, you need to clear all balls, but avoid various obstacles. Test your puzzle solving skills.

Give Me 10
It is a challenging physics-based puzzle game. Simply pull, aim and shoot the ball at the other balls

1) Classic Mode: play game by level, clear a level and go to advanced level
2) Endless Mode: play the game with unlimited time until ball reaches bottom
3) Multiplayer Mode: find your friend or anyone to compete. It supports
- Online: internet in Game Center
- Local: through bluetooth network to connect device nearby ...

Math Fighter Jr
It is a challenging physics-based game. Play game and learn math. Swipe your finger on screen to catch the number(s) according to the math question on top.

* 4 modes: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Mix
* Realistic physics

Ninja Words Class
Play game and learn words: spelling and pronunciation. Swipe your finger on the ball to get the correct picture or word according to a question on top.

Give Me 10
How to make Power Star
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